Friday, 20 April 2012

Dance Dance Revolution!

Can you dance to projection onto a building? Yes! We have created three segments that you can learn to dance or interpret in your own way, when you come to see the projection show onto the walls of Norwood Concert Hall on 22,24-26 May. This first one is based on modern dance and games like intensity… We’ll send the next two through soon…

Synchronise your moves to the projection of Stepping into the Light… here’s a 45 second dance sequence created especially for the event.

Choreography by Ade Suharto
Music by PAGAJ
Animation by Luku Kukuku

Ade Suharto said this, about creating the Dance Dance sequence for Norwood Concert Hall:

“Dance and movement has filled the spaces in and around the iconic Norwood Concert Hall since the hall’s earliest days.

The Norwood Concert Hall was once the home of the award-winning South Australian contemporary dance company, Leigh Warren & Dancers and has been a home to annual ballet school concerts and rising dancers for many years.

My cousin went to ballet school. I never went, but I still loved to dance.

I remember doing the health hustle in the morning at school and scrambling to get in line to do the Madison, Macarena and The Bus Stop – all of them – at my school social.

The best dancing time I had was getting the highest score on Dance Nation at Intensity and beating my big brother. That was awesome.

This is an ode to all those moments.”

Download the mp4… (right click and choose “save as”)

Project: Stepping into the Light.