Saturday, 26 May 2012

Crowdfund Fractured Heart!

Thank you to everyone who offered advice to us when we had some troubles in Sydney (uh, we got taken for a ride on an accommodation booking… and then found out we didn’t get the arts funding support we really needed) So… even though we were going great guns, we are now really out of pocket. Your suggestions to crowdfund have helped us have confidence to keep going. So now, we are launching our first ever crowdfund campaign. If you can help us raise 8000 we are back in black! And every bit counts towards helping us present this project in Sydney. We decided to crowdfund for the first time ever, using pozible, the Australian crowdfunding platform (cos we want to support the local one!)

Here’s our campaign: every little bit you can do to help right now will be gratefully acknowledged here. Thank you…

Our pozible ANGELS, have supported us to  the first 30% of our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for your pledge and morale boost. Thank you.

David White, Jack Barton, Ray Ellison, Andy Packer, Michael Stevenson, Kat Black, michelle delaney, Jane Marr, Bevan Douglas Bates, Jacek Limanowka, Sandy Edgar, Tobias de Maine, Rebecca MacDonagh, Subpixel, Alison Ruff-Genengels, Anne Geldreich.

Getting beyond 30% of the goal was so heartening for us! Thank you to George Webeck, Gabrielle Griffin, Anonymous, Sean Healy aka Jean Poole, Tina Lopez, Mary Giles, Andre van de Plas, Adam Murakami, Kirsten Bradley, Alister Fergusen, Nanette Schussler, Will McRostie, Jo Pike, Olev Muska, Kath ODonnell, Jane Howard, Steve Mayhew, Rowan Lee, Jacqueline Kinred, Richard Collins, Kaye Laurendet, VJ Sustenance, Bridgette Minnuzzo, Grant Whitehouse, Rose Brown, Craig Jackson…

On the 6th of June we reached our goal of $2000. We have asked people to continue supporting us beyond the pozible campaign goal. Our intended goal is to raise $8000, so we can keep working on Fractured Heart and take it to other places in Australia.