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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Science meets Art : Constellation Trail Listing 2022 in Detail

Learn what activity was featured when and where along the Constellation trail. This illuminating trail fused Art+Science fact and fiction for enjoyment, to entertain, and to explore impacts, interventions, innovations and potentials, both human and non-human. Let’s find out more about the world, learn to see the signs and to create alternative possibilities together!

Illuminart’s vibrant regional projections blazed to life simultaneously at five unique landmarks. Each of the five sites displayed a distinctive local programme connected to the theme of Constellation, featuring local and regional artists in the production, with a special intervention of animated stories that combined local knowledge, ideas and creativity into an epic science-fiction adventure.

You could participate in inspiring science related events as listed below that connected with the themes of the feature stories.  This was a perfect opportunity for your family, school or group to enjoy and learn more about each region.

You were able to experience deeper layers of the new feature story projections by joining activities connected with marine life, oceanic and river water flows, habitat regeneration, interesting new insect discoveries, magical and experimental science, informative guided geo-walks, participatory chemical processes, flight both above and below the water, sensational flavours, cultural crafting, and artistic reflections on coastal change.

Explore the map below, or scroll down below the map to see the detailed descriptions of each event, click the links to go to the National Science Week Listings.  All dates were August 2022 unless specified otherwise. If you’d like to see the fully searchable South Australian Living Artist Festival programme, you’ll find it here.  Complement your regional and outback camping itinerary, augment your family’s education and inspire our next generation of big thinkers! You can return to the Constellation Project home page here.


Person watching projected sci-fi story on Quorn Silo.


6.30pm – watch out for the special transmission from the future in the first 30 minutes. Note that all stories on Quorn Silo Light Show ONLY PLAY ONCE per night. Please arrive on time! You can watch from the viewing area or BYO seats, or watch from your car and tune in on FM radio.  Viewing area just off Railway Terrace. All the info you need on parking and viewing can be found at http://quornsilolightshow.info

Quorn’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by uncovering the region’s focus on Bush tucker, and revealing a possible future for the region.  A new story about exploring the region is also launched. Quorn has three new exciting feature stories.

A ‘Our Self-Drive  Self-Fly Adventure (Quorn Story 1)’ takes you on a day out with Kev the Kookaburra and Kev Junior, using modern wi-fly technology to explore and discover their insights about the ancient Flinders Ranges.

The ‘Pithi Kawi – Quorn Bush Tucker Trail’ story focuses on the arid lands, gorges and peaks and the evolution of edible, useful and delicious plants of the dry far north to survive in extreme conditions, such as the intriguing Quandong and Ruby Saltbush.  The future sci-fi story reveals the 3175AD

‘Quorn Bush-Foods Cook-Off’ where Talie records a behind the scenes video and interactions with local celebrity chef Razz highlight their different backgrounds.  An exciting street party brings contestants and town residents together to enjoy the great bush food flavours of the Flinders Ranges.

Fibrespace Artists –Exhibition at Yarta Purtli Art Gallery in Port Augusta 1-31 August 2022

Science can inform both art and culture; it can provide the what and how to the why of them. Conversely, art can most certainly play a role in science, in that art can predict and foreshadow scientific discoveries as well as provide a visual language that describes when words fall short.
Fibre Space artists from across South Australia meet several times a year to support and encourage each other in their creative pursuits. The Yarta Purtli Fibre Space Exhibition consists of 3 of Fibrespace Inc’s latest collections:
Tactility – Touchy Feely pieces of textile Art
Convoluted Layers – A celebration of 25 years, a birthday exhibition.
Chronesthesia – Journeys of the mind, past, present and future.
You can take a guided art tour of the gallery with the Arts Curator.
The Yarta Purtli Cultural Centre supports and encourages community and individual participation in all facets of the arts and culture. “Yarta Purtli” is a Nukunu word meaning Place of the Stars.

Quaffing Quandongs! A Cultural Cookup at the Transcontinental Hotel Quorn 1-31 August 2022

Growing and eating local living foods has been linked to a decrease in allergies. It’s also good for the planet because it helps lighten our carbon footprint. Enjoy a feast of local flavours for your eyes and tastebuds at the Transcontinental Hotel in August, part of illuminart’s Constellation Stories in Light Trail, with a special locally grown feast prepared by their incredible chefs.
Savour specials infused with local bush tucker foods, celebrating in particular fragrant lemon myrtle and the glossy quandong, a quintessential and delicious arid land food for which Quorn is renowned. After tripping out your taste buds you can take an incredibly short walk over the road for illuminart’s Quorn Silo Light Show Constellation feature animations. They will reveal much more about some of the local living bush foods of the Flinders before you are flung into the future for a wi-fly sci-fi adventure around the incredibly ancient formations and landmarks of the Flinders Ranges.
The Trans, while younger than the Ranges, is the oldest Hotel in Quorn As the the bush tucker capital of the world, this traditional Australian country hotel will also serve other rejuvenating, guilt-free fare like a locally made quandong chicken and King George whiting fresh from the Spencer Gulf, a marine environment explored in illuminart’s Port Pirie City Projection Constellation feature shows.
The Trans is a laid back Aussie country hotel for a relaxing holiday in South Australia’s scenic Flinders Ranges. Hearty meals at very reasonable prices for lunch or dinner to be enjoyed in Navvies Nook by the open fire or in the large dining room. Games and toys for children, affordable, friendly accommodation and welcoming facilities. Ask about a takeaway option and bring your sunset picnic to the Constellation show.

Quandong Bush Tucker Festival 6 August 2022

The inaugural Quandong Festival is a unique celebration of native foods on Nukunu and Adnyamathanha land in the heart of the Flinders Ranges. Join passionate Australians exploring how to grow, use and incorporate these foods into business and community and share your passion for native foods with the market.
Native food expert, author and educator, Bruce Pascoe and wattle seed grower and harvester and wholesaler Angus Jones headline the festival’s regenerative farming education series. The spirit of reconciliation and a celebration of regenerative agriculture is key to Australia’s food industry and adaptation to changing climate.
The festival brings together leaders and thinkers at the helm of the nation’s native food and sustainability industries as community curates a culture for the integration of ancient foods for locals and the world.
Featuring Australian native food growers, harvesters, cooks, educators and enthusiasts including Costa from ABC’s Gardening Australia, River Cottage Australia’s Paul West and renowned author Bruce Pascoe, with educational workshops, food stalls and culinary experiences.
Children’s craft and activities capture the fun of bush food flavors, food preparation experiences and sustainability; Quandong Festival Working Bee at the Quorn Bush Food Garden; The Great Northern Lodge quandong-themed lunch and dinner by Flinders Food Co. Chef, Dougal Hannagan and New York-based cousin, Barney Hannaghan of the famous ‘Two Hands’ café; gin bar by Flinders Gin; event delivery skills development for people through a volunteer program.
This event is free, but due to limited capacity tickets are required. If you are unable to use yours please let the organiser know so your ticket can be released for someone else.
Supported by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal Future Drought Fund and South Australian Arid Lands, Curated by Warndu.

Pithi Kawi Bush Tucker Hands-On Breakfast and Working Bee and Seed Bombing for the Kids 7 August 2022

Join a community working bee at the beautiful Bush Food Garden, Quorn. The event includes planting native plants, a composting workshop, and native grasses talks in this now incredibly well developed garden.
Costa Georgadis from ABC’s Gardening Australia, Bruce Pascoe, Paul West from River Cottage and Rodney Dunn will be speaking, helping and cooking for you all. Breakfast and hot drinks will be available.
Please bring gardening gloves, tools etc if possible.
If your kids are keen for more awesome, fun activites that are educational and environmentally friendly, they can try their hand at making Seed Bombs with Costa. Once you know how to make seed bombs, you can green up any urban place.

This event is part of the Quandong Festival and you must register for tickets for this event, which is free. Check out the Festival Website for the details of a wonderful weekend of family friendly events in Quorn.
You can find out more about this wonderful trail when Quorn Silo Light Show presents Constellation Stories in Light every sunset throughout August. The ‘Pithi Kawi – Quorn Bush Tucker Trail’ story focuses on the arid lands, gorges and peaks and the evolution of edible, useful and delicious plants of the dry far north to survive in extreme conditions, such as the intriguing Quandong and Ruby Saltbush.
Bring your warm blanket and your picnic chair, stay for the weekend and enjoy this remarkable and innovative region of South Australia.

Morning Yoga Breathing at the Pithi Kawi Bush Tucker Trail 7 August 2022

Start your day in the stunning Pithi Kawi Bush Food Garden with some yoga. Yoga and meditation increase serenity and wellbeing. Experience it in action with our mate and wonderful Yoga teacher, who will run an hour long session in the garden before you join the working bee.
Included in the session is a warming cup of Quandong Tea and a introductory tutorial on the benefits of good breathing techniques.
You will join our Garden Working Bee in a blissful and activated state now that your whole mind and body are invigorated by your yoga experience.
This even is free. Registration is required. Please bring your own mat.
This event is connected with the inaugural Quandong Festival and Quorn Silo Light Show’s Constellation Stories in Light by illuminart, which play every sunset throughout August. The ‘Pithi Kawi – Quorn Bush Tucker Trail’ story focuses on the delicious plants of the arid lands, which you will find in your delightful aromatic morning brew. Why not stay for the weekend and enjoy this remarkable and innovative region of South Australia?

Quorn Walking Tours: Exploring Goyders Line 13-21 August 2022

Enjoy a unique outback heritage learning experience with local guide Jacinta Hannigan that connects with illuminart’s Constellation Stories in Light Trail. By booking only.
Come and join your local tour guide Jacinta at the historic Quorn Courthouse for an hour-long journey back in time. This historic building now home to the Quorn and District Local History Group was built in 1879, is bursting with amazing stories of the hardship and resilience of our early pioneers.
Have you ever wondered why there are so many ghost towns in the Flinders Ranges? Ever wondered why there was a ghost town seemingly in the middle of nowhere? Why was it built there? What did the people do there? What happened to the town?
Uncover a local story of a water dispute that led to the region’s first Government town being surveyed.
In the 1870s Surveyor General George Goyder inspected the drought affected northern pastoral areas. Goyder determined that due to lack of rainfall wheat farming should be limited to the southern areas.
Goyder’s Line an imaginary line drawn on a map demonstrates the dividing line between land considered suitable for agriculture and pastoral use based on Goyder’s observations of changes in vegetation.
Discover why his warnings were not adhered to and what it meant for a great many settlers in South Australia.
You will be delighted by what you discover.

You can also listen to the Goyder’s Line podcasts to deeper your understanding of the challenges of the Arid Lands.


Two animated kookaburra's look round the Flinders Rangers on a sighteeing tour




“Look son!  You can see all the way to Clare from here!” ~ Kev the Kookaburra, ‘Our Self-Drive  Self-Fly Adventure (Quorn Story 1)’








Australian Arid Lands Botanical Gardens in Port Augusta 13-21 August 2022

To the uninitiated, Australia’s arid heart might seem barren and lifeless. In fact the opposite is true.
Our arid lands are home to thousands of highly evolved plant communities that are specially adapted to thrive in an environment where temperatures are extreme and drought can last for decades. Australia’s arid zone ecosystems are fragile and complex and they are found nowhere else on Earth.
We consider “Arid” to be areas of average rainfall of 300mm per year (or less). Our plant collection is formed around this average rainfall maximum.
The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden (AALBG), in Port Augusta, was established to research, conserve and promote the wider appreciation of Australia’s arid zone flora. Located on the shores of Upper Spencer Gulf with spectacular views to the ancient Flinders Ranges, the Garden showcases a diverse collection of arid zone habitats in a picturesque setting of more than 250 hectares.
But that’s not all. Because of its coastal location, the AALBG also features a biologically rich marine environment dominated by grey mangroves. This rare side-by-side combination of arid and marine environments, together with a fascinating regional and cultural history, makes this botanic garden very special.
At the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden we are committed to practicing and promoting environmental sustainability. We do this by leading by example and by educating visitors.
Why not come and explore what we have to offer?

Aliens Amongst Us: Cephalopods Theme : Stargazing & Opal Noodling Tour at the Andamooka Observatory 17-21 August 2022

We have totally embraced the sci-fi and science theme for the Stargazing & Opal Noodling Nocturnal Tour. Stargaze and learn about amazing cephalopods in sci-fi and popular culture.
The Stargazing & Opal Noodling Nocturnal Tour provides the time and space for you to relax, learn about opal mining, observe the night skies, and soak up the elements.
Tours include night mining, black lighting & astronomy, and the use of UV lights, torches, and telescopes.
Daily 2-hour tour from 7:00 pm with local guides.
We recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirt and dust on from noodling and bring water, sunscreen, insect repellant, and sturdy footwear.
This event is supported by SALA.

Aliens Amongst Us – Cephalopods Presentation at the Andamooka Observatory 18 August 2022

We have totally embraced the sci-fi and science theme for the Stargazing & Opal Noodling Nocturnal Tour.
Learn about Cephalopods in sci-fi and alternative future fiction. Cephalopods are a class of mollusks that includes octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. These alien, ancient, and intelligent beings have evolutionarily unique traits which have inspired a diverse range of fictional beings in alternative future fiction and sci-fi.
Opalised fossils of Belemnites ,an extinct order of squid-like cephalopods that lived in the ancient Eromanga Sea during the Late Triassic to Late Cretaceous, have been found in Andamooka. During the Cretaceous period, the vast ocean’s gradual retreat saw large-scale opalisation of a wide array of prehistoric marine life, including giant Belemnites, marine reptiles, and other creatures swimming and roaming the shoreline, skies, and shallow seawater.
Cephalopod themes in sci-fi and popular culture. Think 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Cthulhu, Prometheus, Arrival, War of the Worlds, Homer’s “Odyssey, Dawn, Children of Ruin, The Simpsons’ Kang and Kodos, Time, The War Of The Worlds, Men in Black, Tomorrow War, The Fellowship of The Ring, Tentacles, It Came From Beneath The Sea, Doctor Who, The Kraken, Independence Day, Men in Black, The Matrix, Marvel’s Hydra and Spectre from the James Bond films
Did you know that Andamooka has been referenced in popular culture Futurama Series and the Max Brooks novel, World War Z?
This event is supported by SALA.

Pichi Richi Steam Train Ride and Steam Engine Depot Demonstration – Quorn 20 August 2022

Watch a special educational demonstration of the old steam engine at the Quorn depot especially for National Science Week. Pichi Richi Railway operate multiple services. The locomotive in the picture, NM25 is an original Ghan engine and has returned to service after maintenance at the start of this year. You can enjoy a full-day or half-day trip aboard the Afghan Express, a restored steam or heritage diesel train, along the original Ghan route between Port Augusta and Quorn on the Pichi Richi Railway, constructed from 1878.

Watch gum-lined creeks, bluebush-studded hills and ancient rocky outcrops roll past at the relaxed pace of years gone by. All trains use historic steam or diesel locomotives or railcars or immaculately restored timber carriages some more than 130 years old.


Port Pirie’s Constellation Program uncovers the secret depths and hidden glory of the Spencer Gulf and reveals a possible future for the region.


A countdown commences at 6:10, leading into Constellation at 6:30 and the local Sala digital art exhibition followed by three short films. The show will loop repeatedly until approx 9pm nightly.  View at City Park, Ellen Street. More information about the location can be found here.

‘Tides of Life’ is an exploration of the unique environments found just beneath the gulf’s waters, home to more abundant species than many other coasts. Dive into one of the most unique marine ecosystems in Australia, and learn how it came to be this way.  In ‘Bridge to Somewhere’ we are flung thousands of years into the future.  Port Pirie has become a tourist hub with a portal to the rest of the galaxy.   As a holiday destination for the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the Milky Way, Port Pirie hosts a myriad of extraordinary activities for the discerning interplanetary traveller, as well as Earth-dwelling creatures.   You’ll be introduced to some of these fascinating future beings during their intergalactic visit.  Come and see what they love about Port Pirie’s rich heritage and fascinating past.

Cuttlefest Science in the Pub Whyalla 15-16 July 2022

Join the Experiencing Marine Science team, guest artists, and SA scientists for a hot meal, sit back and experience a mesmerising dive with cuttlefish from the comfort of your chair via VR goggles, and learn more about the rock star lifestyle of the giant cuttlefish. Marvel at cephalopod photographs, sculptures, and drawings.
There will be activities for children (and adults can get involved) including a craft table, an Aboriginal drawing class, a drawing competition, and a virtual reality marine life experience.
The schedule is:
6.00 pm: Great Southern Reef VR experience & Aboriginal art drawing & Fab Five drawing competition for kids in the craft corner
6.30 pm: Meals served.
7.20 pm: Bangarla Welcome to Country.
7.25 pm: Introductions
7.30 pm: Cephalopods – Octopus, squids, and Cuttlefishes – Marine Ecologist Janine Baker.
7.50 pm: Protecting the Unique South – Dr. Shelley Paull Marine Coordinator, National Parks, and Wildlife Service South Australia.
8.10 pm: Finding the Fab Five – Prof. Bronwyn Gillanders and Dr. Nina Wootton (University of Adelaide).
8.30 pm: Student-led citizen science project live streams cuttlefish aggregation to the world – Catherine Larkin (AusOcean)
8.50 pm: Q&A panel with artists and scientists.
9.00pm: Close
Meals can be ordered between 6 -7.30 pm (no orders will be taken after 7.30 pm).
Thank you to our supporters Inspiring SA, University of Adelaide, AusOcean, the City of Whyalla, and National Parks and Wildlife Service SA.

VR Shakka Cage Dive Experience – Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre 1-31 August 2022

Take a virtual journey under the sea into a world of marine science at this detailed exhibition of the longest recorded Great White Shark landed in South Australia. Shakka was accidentally caught and drowned in local waters near Port Germein when she was just 23 years.
You can learn about the marine science that is helping us better understand these amazing creatures in this just-upgraded VR Shark Cage Dive experience that takes shark science to the next level without the need to get wet or face real sharks. Be mesmerized as manta rays and other marine life glide gracefully by, preparing you for the next level of suspense and surprise.
Shakka forms part of an eye-opening White Shark discovery tour and trail close to the harbor and river-inlet out to sea in Spencer Gulf- waters this 5.6m White Shark once inhabited. Information guides provide some back-story about Shakka and the exhibit includes a short film. Waves appear to lap at the walls and the ocean sounds make for great under-the-sea exploration, and closer inspection of the detailed model shark caste with thanks to the SA Museum taxidermy team who captured great details including scars from a probable boat propeller collision, rope marks, and bites likely acquired during mating.
The giant display provides shark education at a macro and molecular level, right down to the small crustacean parasites Pandarus Bicolour and Smithii found living on Shakka, which were provided along with the pectoral fin, jaws and preserved egg sacs.
You will need to be brave, and aged over 12 years in accordance with viewer classification ratings to experience the VR dive.
Despite the age limit on this awesome VR experience, there’s absolutely no age limit on creating your own version of Shakka at the colouring table. Tours are available when staff are but the wait is rarely long and the centre is filled with displays and other items of interest to keep you occupied during National Science Week.

Educational Passport Rewards for Children PLUS Experience the Science:
Helicopter Flight in a BELL UH-1H IROQUOIS ‘Huey’ A2-489 at Port Pirie RSL Museum 13-24 August 2022

Do you think you’d like to fly a helicopter some day? Did you realise you need both hands and feet to fly a helicopter successfully? Every day during National Science Week, you can discover the science of flight in the home of South Australia’s only ex-RAAF Iroquois Helicopter.
The sleek lines and lightning-fast speeds of airplanes can easily amaze people and bulky, odd shaped helicopters rarely incite such feelings. Once you learn what helicopters can do you might think twice next time you see one! Helicopters feature spinning wings called blades or rotors on top. As the blades spin, they create a force called lift that allows the helicopter to rise into the air. A helicopter’s rotors perform the same function as an aeroplane’s wings. Helicopters also have a rotor in the back, allowing the helicopter to turn from side to side.
Helicopters can do many things that aeroplanes cannot. They can move straight up or down and hover in the air without moving. They can also fly backwards and sideways. They can even take off or land without a runway. These capabilities make helicopters ideal for many tasks. They’ve been used by the military for many years to move troops, deliver supplies, and serve as flying ambulances. Their mobility allows helicopters to get to people in hard-to-reach places, such as mountains, jungles and oceans.
Piloting a helicopter is a lot harder than an aeroplane. It will take quite a bit of training but we think you can do it.
Port Pirie’s RSL Museum offers educational experiences for children aged 5-14 year olds and is aligned with the Children’s University of Adelaide as a Learning Destination. Hunt for the answers to your questionnaire throughout the museum and have your passport stamped. The ACU recognises your achievements through formal certificates and graduations when you complete a certain number of hours.

Little Bang Hands on Experiments at Port Pirie Library 15-19 August 2022

Come along to the Port Pirie Library during National Science Week and get to grips with various exciting experiments exploring magnetism, hydrodynamics, physics and more. Then go down in history by recording your findings in our gigantic Science Journal.
In addition, Larryn Cock will be reading silly science books from the upcoming Children’s Book Week short-list and the Library collection at 11am and 4pm each day.
Topics: Experimentation and scientific method; sorting; measuring; nature; chemistry and physics.
Why not linger longer in Port Pirie for SALA and Science Week, where you will learn much more riveting science fact and sci-fi future fiction at Port Pirie City Projection, bringing Science and Art together to uncover the secret depths and hidden glory of the Spencer Gulf.
Tides of Life is an exploration of the unique environments found just beneath the gulf’s waters, home to more abundant species than many other coasts. Dive into one of the most unique marine ecosystems in Australia, and learn how it came to be this way. In the distant future of ‘Bridge to Somewhere’, Port Pirie is a tourist hub with a portal to the rest of the galaxy, a holiday destination for the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the Milky Way. Port Pirie hosts a myriad of extraordinary activities for the discerning interplanetary traveller as well as Earth-dwelling creatures. You’ll be introduced to some of these fascinating future beings during their intergalactic visit.
Come and see what they love about Port Pirie’s rich heritage and fascinating past. Grab some local tucker, bring a picnic chair or blanket, enjoy the sunset and watch the building light up.

Melrose Museum Guided Nukunu and Heritage Experience 14-31 August 2022

This is not just another Museum. It’s an adventure into the past of Melrose and surrounding districts. The guided tour includes a history book of the Melrose area and town historical walk map. The tour includes:

  1. Nukunu people and their beginnings
  2. Their lands then,and now
  3. Impact of the first settlers, the conflict and injustice that occurred
  4. White settlement of the area
  5. How the early farmers set the future of the state
  6. Hardships of the first settlers
  7. Where are we now?

Giant Cuttlefish and the Currents: Cutty’s glass bottom boat tour Point Lowly 16-21 August 2022

The annual giant cuttlefish gathering near Whyalla in South Australia, is absolutely spectacular. If you prefer not to freeze, our glass-bottom boat tours let you stay warm and dry, and still experience one of nature’s great spectacles up close.
As we crawl the shallows of the coast to find the best congregations of giant cuttlefish and other sea life, we will locate the major hotspots for cuttlefish breeding around the sub tidal reefs north of Whyalla and discuss how currents cause environmental constraints on their actions, energetics and distribution.
Contrasting the behaviours, movement and preferred boundaries of the diurnal cuttlefish against the continuous activity and energy conserving slope-soaring tactics of squid, will make it easier to understand the energetic trade-offs in buoyancy that allow access to prey in currents.
The tours go for 45 minutes and this allows plenty of time to spend with the giant cuttlefish which are usually quite close and up to 60 cm long.
There are 6 cruises per day between 9:00am and 2:30pm.

Exploring Highways of Sound as Oyster Lures for Reef Restoration 22 August 2022 VIEW INTERVIEW ONLINE

Could our future oceans could be ones full of rhythms and melodies that are engineered to attract and restore organisms to degraded habitats? Brittany Willams is a PhD candidate at Adelaide University whose work has been based on luring baby oysters to reefs in SA using highways of sound. These reefs and their underwater music were dredged to extinction over 150 years ago, and have never naturally returned. This is an issue because oyster reefs filter our oceans for us, are barriers to erosion of our beaches, are homes to fish and much more. Fortunately, SA is now working to bring the reefs, their music and their ecological benefits back. Brittany has been trying to speed up this reef recovery by using underwater speakers that play snapping shrimp music to baby oysters. The cacophonous, crackling sounds produced by snapping shrimp are attractive to baby oysters, because it tells them that nearby is a healthy reef. As a result, the babies follow this crackle to its source, landing on our reefs, helping us speed up reef growth. You can listen to these sounds during the interview with Brittany and team illuminart. Did you know that the snap made by the shrimp itself is very bright, being nearly as hot as the Sun? …something that has been called ‘shrimpoluminescence’: how illuminating!  Brittany is also fascinated by the deep sea and the ever-advancing technology that is taking us there. She hopes to use her knowledge of underwater acoustics to help discover it.




Wallaroo’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by uncovering the fascinating story of Copper and its significance to the Copper Coast as well as revealing a possible future for the region.


Arrive for sunset and the countdown… then at 6:30pm the story will begin (and loops a few times if you want to see it again). The constellation story (in two parts… Watch out for the special transmission from the future in the first half hour!) is followed by the local Art display “Earthly delights”.  View from Chatfield Terrace. Wallaroo has event FM of 88.3 – tune in and watch from your car.
More information at Wallaroo Silo Light Show

‘Copper: An Essential Element of Life’: Copper is the third most consumed industrial metal in the world and the Copper Triangle has been pivotal to industrialisation in South Australia.  From humans to shell-fish, copper is essential to life on Earth.  We explore the story of why this remarkable metal has been, and continues to be, such an important part of life in the region, and across the globe.  In ‘Always, Avril’, looking into the future, Avril was born in the turning of the worlds, when seas rose and retreated to alter the face of old and new. Beneath the gentle words of Avril’s future letter, we dive into and out of rock pools that are portals to other worlds and possibilities, see shipwrecks from centuries not yet lived, watch hermit crabs replace their shells with trash and treasure.  We dive and swim and fish and dream with Avril and her world.

Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum Guided Ghost Information Tours 1-31 August 2022

Investigate three heritage buildings in Wallaroo with your guide: the former Wallaroo Post Office which is now the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum; then the old Wallaroo Police Station, where you will see the cell where Elizabeth Woodcock was held before she was transferred to Adelaide Gaol; and the Copper Coast Hotel.
You will also learn stories about some of the 46 shipwrecks scattered along the coastline at the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum, which was originally a post office. The museum features displays of the copper smelting era, postal and telephone history, religious and civic affairs, early pioneering personalities, industry, sport, entertainment, nautical display and general local history of Wallaroo.
See George the giant squid who was retrieved from the stomach of a whale 30 years ago and now preserved in formalin. His body is 8.5 metres long with the tentacles outstretched, plus a 9 metre racing boat, and a water pump used for copper smelting. The former 1877 Tipara Reef Lighthouse can be seen in Investigator Park in front of the museum.
Tour guides are available. Bookings essential and conditions apply. Group bookings are welcome in advance. Project sheets can be arranged for school groups. Visitors can contact historian Nick Woods, Museum Research Officer who may be able to trace family connections with Wallaroo. Souvenirs, tourist information and soft drinks are also available.

Moonta Mines Museum Celebrates Copper : A Complex Processing Demonstration 17-21 August 2022

To celebrate National Science Week at Moonta Mines Museum, you will be treated to a special interactive and participatory copper processing demonstration. The Moonta Mines historically used a method called Cementation, which means an acid extraction of copper from carbonate and residual low-level copper ores. This fascinating demonstration with our geochemist will take place in the old school room set up in the Moonta Mines Museum, which was originally the Moonta Mines School. You will also find a visual display in place describing the process of Cementation.
Did you know that copper is essential to life on Earth? In humans, our blood primarily uses iron to transport oxygen to our cells yet copper is also important for many marine animals as it is the main element that transports oxygen via hemocyanin. Shellfish, such as lobsters and crabs, cuttlefish, squid,octopus and molluscs use copper to maintain life. Spiders, centipedes, scorpions and slugs also use copper instead of iron. This remarkable metal even disrupts the laws of gravity in certain science experiments. Learn more about copper’s vital role in the evolution of the past and future when you experience the brand new feature shows at illuminart’s Constellation Stories in Light Trail every evening throughout August.
Sessions will be held from 17 – 21 August at 10.00am and 2.00pm daily. Limited availability – bookings essential, and for further information contact Moonta Tourist Office.

Geo Trails of South Australia and the World with Patrick James and Michael Mills 21 August 2022 VIEW INTERVIEW ONLINE

Join geology expert Patrick James in a fascinating look at Geotrails of South Australia and the world with team illuminart.

There are examples of Geotrails globally that are well travelled by tourists. In Ireland, they vigorously promote their own Copper Coast and its geology to tourists. South Australia’s Hallet Cove reveals remarkable evidence of the Permian Period and ancient glaciations and geologists around the world come to see it. While doing so, they head to places like the Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola to see more remarkable geological features.

How can we engage local people here in Australia more effectively with their own stories about the geology of the places in which we live? Why are scientists coming to visit places that many South Aussies don’t even know about? What is it about this place that is so remarkable? What might be some of the steps we can take to better engage people with their local geological story, so that they can deepen their connection to their own place? What opportunities can be explored for developing tourist trails across the state?

Patrick has a strong research record in geoscience, including structure, tectonics, geological mapping, remote sensing and mineral and hydrocarbon exploration. He was a field and structural geologist and developer of innovative educational technologies within geoscience for almost forty years. Since retirement he has developed a considerable new research strand and activity in Geotourism Development, Geoconservation, Geodiversity and Geoscience Interpretation in conjunction with UniSA and Nature Foundation SA.

He is also involved with Project LIVE, a cross-disciplinary initiative that focuses on creating virtual and augmented reality experiences that bridge the research-teaching nexus.



Karoonda’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by uncovering the story of the Karoonda Meteorite as told through the eyes of a local Mallee Fowl, and revealing a possible future for the region.


Countdown starts at 6PM. Show will play in a loop from 6:20PM.  There will be a special event on the 5th of August and the show will play at 8.15PM that night.  (watch out for the special transmission from the future in the first 30 minutes).  11 Railway Terrace. More information about the location here.

 ‘The Light in the Sky’ explores the global sensation of the 1930 Karoonda Meteorite, its geological significance and how it is an important part of the Karoonda story. ‘A Ray of Hope’ peers thousands of years into the future when humans live in giant domes due to ecological devastation, tended to by giant mallee-bots that keep the temperature stable. Come on a journey where the future meets the past and the present, and where hope is ever present. Believe that the future can be whatever we decide to make it and take action towards.

Quandong and Sandalwood Plantation, Seedbank and Eco Habitat Project with Award Winning Citizen Scientist Brian Teakle 13-21 August 2022

Tour Brian Teakle’s award-winning quandong and sandalwood plantation, eco-habitat, seedbank project and regenerative farming concept. In a small paddock by the seedbank he’s been trialling mixed multi species summer and winter crops and re-establishing native grasses. Emerging from winter makes perfect timing for a tour.
The eco-habitat project is recolonising the area with frogs and worms. Plans to include a bird bath where the water is sourced from a pond will happen as soon as this year’s seedlings are planted. A native bee hotel is growing in size. An echidna colony is nearby, with markings sighted. By August there may be cameras installed for observing them. Bat boxes for bat monitoring are in process and pygmy possum boxes are already installed as part of a Mid Murray Landcare project installed with the help of Aimee Linke.
The seedbank project up the hill is managed by Rowena Danks and will include honeybee hives in the future. In 31 years Brian has grown some 40,000 trees and shrubs as shelter belts and 120,000 old man salt bush as fodder. There will be some walking involved in the tour between habitats.
Brian Teakle is the winner of the 2021 Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board Citizen Science Awards for his contribution to many varied projects including regenerative farming and native wildlife habitat, summer multispecies cropping, the Mid Murray Landcare South Australian Museum western pygmy possum project, the MEGA Murray-Darling Microbat Project and Malleefowl grid monitoring.
The tour is free. Bookings are essential. Please bring a water bottle, walking books and wet weather gear. This event is weather permitting and may require rescheduling.here will be a number of tours at about 10am during Science Week at the discretion of Mr Teakle. Please mail your enquiries to book your visit.

a colourful illustration of a mallee fowl projected onto Karoonda Silo at dusk

Malleefowl: Mysteries and Future-Mending – Joe Benshemesh and team illuminart in a Constellation Conversation 21 August 2022 VIEW INTERVIEW ONLINE

The National Malleefowl Recovery Team’s Joe Benshemesh joins team illuminart’s Cindi Drennan in a discussion that explores these special megapodes alongside connected themes that arise in the Constellation trail feature stories.

What are the origins and ancestry of the mysterious malleefowl, here and around the world? These vulnerable birds compost vegetation in mounds to generate heat and protect their eggs. How might such a strategy have evolved and how might it evolve into the future? How effective is this strategy? Although they have adapted to cope with a drier mallee environment, the malleefowl rely on biodiversity and need connected corridors of habitat to find their mate. What are the most critical threats to their survival and what can we do about it?

In the projection story at Karoonda, future humans live under temperature controlled domes tended to by Mallee-bots… Is there something we can learn from a species such as the malleefowl in how we might better engage with and interact with the environment so we can avoid such a future?  Join us for this and other significant talking points!

This interview forms part of a series of events designed to help inspire and educate emerging scientists. Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board will also be looking at the mysterious malleefowl and local ecology as part of the Loxton Insect investigators event – where you can also catch a Scinema screening as part of National Science Week.  Join all these sessions to learn more about how you can be a citizen scientist and help conserve this iconic species.

Fascinating Flows for the Future Low Flow Device Viewing and QR Site : Byethorne Park 14-31 August 2022

While dams and watercourse diversions are crucial for our livelihoods, they change the pattern of water flow in our catchments. This leaves many habitats devoid of flow at critical times of the year and, over time, has contributed to a serious deterioration in catchment health.
The Flows for the Future Program is working to restore more natural water flow patterns to catchments throughout the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges by installing infrastructure in and around dams and water extraction points.
While most sites are on private property, the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) has also partnered with Councils to install low flow devices at sites accessible to the public.
A QR code has been installed especially for science fans. Stop for lunch at the park and view one of these important devices along with supporting information. Use the QR code to see the animation describing how passing low flows can help recover our catchments.
If you can’t get here but want to see the animation, look out for our blog. This fascinating flows themed activation was created in an organic partnership with illuminart stories in light for the Constellation Trail: free science fact and sci-fi animation on 5 iconic landmarks across regional SA all August. Byethorne Park is a small road trip away from a visionary adventure. Karoonda Silo leads to Barmera’s Bonney Theatre Projection. See how the activities flow with the stories in light trail!
For more fascinating flows, this informative video documents the progress made on local property Tumbelin Farm, through a unique collaboration between the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board, DEW and Baptist Care SA.
The Australian Government and South Australian Government are investing $13.48 million in the Flows for the Future Program. This will provide funds and technical expertise to landholders at priority sites for the supply and installation of devices designed to pass low flows through their property.



Barmera’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together in the Riverlands by revealing the musical story of Lake Bonney as told through the eyes and voice of a Murray Cod, and exploring a possible future for the region.


Countdown starts at 6PM. Show will play in a loop from 6:20PM. There will be a coffee van on the 5th/6th of August.(watch out for the special transmission from the future in the first 30 minutes).  View from Pascoe Road. More information about the location can be found here.

‘The Story of the Motherfish’ tells of a mighty river and Lake Bonney, home to the Murray Cod and other living creatures for thousands of generations until the arrival of a frenzy of carp impacted on all the living things that call this place home. This is a story in song about the fragility of the ecosystems of which we and all living things are a part. Thousands of years from now in ‘The Return of the Murray Cod’, long after the Carp Wars were fought and lost, the Brotherhood of Carp have taken control. But a stealthy spaceship has been travelling amongst the stars for generations, patiently waiting to return the Murray Cod to its rightful home. This is a story of celebration and regeneration.  Come and discover the fun and colour created by a range of local artists in collaboration with illuminart as they tell the animated sci-fi adventure musical of the Murray Cod. Explore the ecosystems of the Riverland in the fight against the Brotherhood of the Carp in the Murray River and Lake Bonney.

Rivergum Cruises Educational Dining Experience – Riverland, South Australia 1-31 August 2022

Due to a high water event during Science Week, this event is unavailable but there will be more opportunities soon to join your hosts, James and Sandra, on their fabulous boat ‘Qatar’ for a relaxing cruise up or down the Murray River enjoying the quiet, smooth waters around Waikerie. Get up close and personal with nature and see the unique bird life, native flora and local fauna while gliding past the 100 foot majestic limestone cliffs and glorious native gum and mallee trees on the picturesque banks of the River Murray.
At a cool 10 km/h you will learn all about the history of Waikerie, the ferry, the Murray-Darling irrigation systems and salt interception scheme as well as the geology of the local cliffs. See the historical canoe tree, learn about the native blackbox and river redgums and many other interesting facts along the river.
Choose from short 2 or 3 hour river cruises at different times of the day, including a sunset cruise. Alternatively, we have a Design Your Own (DYO) Cruise where the boat is yours. We can drop anchor so you can have a swim, enjoy a BBQ or a grazing platter and a range of beers and local wines from the licensed bar. Sit back, relax and let us take the wheel on this unique educational dining experience, while you enjoy the spectacular Murray River as it was meant to be seen. Couples, families and groups of all sizes are welcome.

Conversational Candle Making Shines the Light on Entrepreneurialism with Grace and RoseCandles 5 August 2022

Many traditional ingredients used in making candles are toxic and affect our health and the environment? You can make your own eco-friendly candle, with a tin, a lid and embellishments. Learn important candle care tips. Choose the right ingredients for your fragrant warming light when you join Molly from Grace and Rose Candles for an afternoon workshop at Berri Barmera Library Service.

Science Magic at Berri Barmera Library 13 August 2022

What happens when science, magic and comedy get totally twisted and tangled up together? Why not utilise your superb science senses to find out? Prepare to see, hear and be amazed by James and his travelling Magic show. While James may need to fly off on his magical carpet to his next destination, you can choose to stay all day in Barmera’s beautiful, relaxed atmosphere and experience the meandering magic that is part of the Murray atmosphere.  Allow the scintillating science of the mighty Murraylands enthrall and thrill your super science senses wth familiy-friendly magic and myster that brings hope, determination and regeneration for every generation.

Koi Fish Kites and Botanical Prints Workshop for young people
presented by Barmera Theatre Gallery at Barmera Library 16+21 August 2022

In this cultural workshop young people can engage with local Artists and learn new techniques to make Koi Fish kites and botanical prints. Come to both sessions or just one. You will get to see your work on display in an exhibition.  You can choose to stay all day in Barmera’s beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy more free family-friendly magical mysteries when the Barmera Central Projection Site lights up at dusk for illuminart’s brand new Constellation feature shows.

Fish Hotel Fetish – An online conversation about supporting habitats and ecosystem recovery with Kym Manning 18 August 2022 VIEW INTERVIEW ONLINE

The SA Carp Frenzy occurs every March at the beautiful Lake Bonney, which formed from the meandering flows of the mighty Murray River many millions of years ago. But what is quietly being achieved throughout the rest of the year to augment the purpose of this award winning competition? Kym Manning is a local fishing guru and environmental mover and shaker who has been at the tiller of this important project from its inception. With a will and passion to ultimately remove the invasive carp from these wonderful waterways, Kym is often found on land beside massive root balls or on the water setting in place fish hotels: super cool habitat replacements for our struggling Murray Cod that provide shelter, food and nesting sites.
In the last decade, Kym has created over 100 such fish habitats. He’s been involved in nearly every Murray Cod fingerling release in SA – and there’s 400,000 of them. Each of Kym’s habitat installations are an SA first and he has undertaken them all for free in his own time. In this fascinating interview you will learn a plethora of facts, figures and statistics and be awed and inspired by Kym’s sensational stories of determination.
SA Carp Frenzy has raised over $100,000 and donated 100% back into community projects or to someone in need, and has removed over 35,000 carp from Lake Bonney. It is now the biggest Freshwater Fishing Comp in SA by three-fold and 100 people short of the biggest comp outright, salt or freshwater. In 2021 there were 1,008 competitors.
Subscribe to Kym’s YouTube channel and check out some of the fish habitat projects he and the amazing volunteers have carried out: eg Volunteers Build A 4km Fish Habitat Trail and Construction of Native Fish Habitat – Murray River 2018.

Interesting Insects and Mysterious Malleefowl 21 August 2022

From little things big things grow.
Did you know that we have budding scientists making amazing discoveries all around us? Did you know that insects are part of the diet of our threatened malleefowl, and that we only have names for about 30% of the estimated 250,000 insect species in Australia?
Join Landscape SA Murraylands and Riverlands for a free family-friendly National Science Week event to hear from Dr Erinn Fagan-Jeffries, from the South Australian Museum, and local students who will tell us about the Insect Investigators schools project that is discovering and naming new insect species; and a presentation on Malleefowl from The National Malleefowl Recovery Team, who will reveal all about the amazing malleefowl, why they are threatened, where they can still be found and what you can do to help conserve this iconic species.
A selection of the SCINEMA International Science film Festival 2022 will be shown, plus there will be other activities for children.

SALA Welcome to the Lands of the River 1 August – 4 September 2022 

This exhibition showcases a series of illustrations by Adelaide-based collaborator Sam Wannan bringing to life the worlds, creatures and stories created so far.

The lands of the river are an original fantasy universe conceived in the Riverland through Alysha Herrmann’s 2021 Regional Arts Australia Fellowship. This exhibition showcases a series of illustrations by Adelaide-based collaborator Sam Wannan bringing to life the worlds, creatures and stories created so far. Community members of all ages are invited to submit their own interpretations of the lands of the river, with selected contributions added to the exhibition throughout August. You can learn more about the lands of the river via the accompanying links.

This exhibition is one part of the ongoing project to develop and explore this new fantasy universe as a longterm project in the Riverland for all ages to enjoy.



Victor Harbor is a community and place with whom illuminart has collaborated with on prior projects and there is a permanent projecter outside the Victor Cinema which can be activated at certain times of the year.  Threads of the themes of Constellation wave and weave their way through and around these shorelines, oceans, lands and peoples.

Borrowed Time Coastal Erosion and Climate Change – Leith Semmens 19 August -26 September 2022

All credible science points to our coasts being devastated by climate change. Coastal and tidal zones are beautiful yet harsh environments, however climate change will most likely push these environments to collapse, replaced by dead zones of exposed rocks, surging wave abrasiveness, and tidal rubbish zones of destroyed human debris.
This exhibition is a cataloguing of beautiful Carrickalinga North Beach before climate change irrevocably destroys the region.
Leith Semmens has chosen to visually record the current experiences of beautiful Carrickalinga in drawings before it is changed forever. It is questionable if future generations will be able to experience walking the long white sandy beaches, the smell of seaweed washed ashore, the sounds of waves crashing against multicoloured rocks and walking in sand dunes rich in biodiversity.
He has been selected twice as Official Artist to the President of Parliament House in South Australia.
This project is supported by Regional Arts Australia, Country Arts SA, District Council of Yankalilla, SALA Festival 2022, Coral Street Art Space and is part of illuminart’s Constellation Stories in Light Trail.


Constellation Stories in Light Trail and the parallel Science Activities Trail is proudly brought to you by illuminart and the District Council of Karoonda East Murray, Regional Council of Port Pirie, Flinders Ranges Council, Copper Coast Council and the Berri Barmera Council with the support of Arts SA and National Science Week.

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