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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Constellation Collection – the synopsis of our new featured stories in light

This is a small synopsis of illuminart’s eleven brand new stories in light which were made especially for the Constellation Trail.

During the entire month of August, five landmarks in regional South Australia beamed alight with stories combining Art and Science.  At each of the five places, a story revealing local insider knowledge was interrupted by a story from the future, suggesting how our actions and innovations today may help or harm future generations.  This grand project in five parts had unique new stories in each of the five places, and many artists and community members in each of the regions were involved.

From time to time you may still be able to experience the Constellation collection in larger than life display at the permanent projection sites, which show local programming 365 days a year.  Check the details for each site at and our facebook page.

Barmera’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by revealing the story of Lake Bonney as told through the eyes of a Murray Cod, and exploring a possible future for the region.

 ‘The Story of the Motherfish’ tells of a mighty river and Lake Bonney, home to the Murray Cod and other living creatures for thousands of generations until the arrival of a frenzy of carp impacted on all the living things that call this place home. This is a story in song about the fragility of the ecosystems of which we and all living things are a part.

Thousands of years from now in ‘The Return of the Murray Cod’, long after the Carp Wars were fought and lost, the Brotherhood of Carp have taken control. But a stealthy spaceship has been travelling amongst the stars for generations, patiently waiting to return the Murray Cod to its rightful home.  This is a musical story of celebration and regeneration.

 Karoonda’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by uncovering the story of the Karoonda Meteorite as told through the eyes of a local Mallee Fowl, and revealing a possible future for the region.

‘The Light in the Sky’ explores the global sensation of the 1930 Karoonda Meteorite, its geological significance and how it is an important part of the Karoonda story.

‘A Ray of Hope’ peers thousands of years into the future when humans live in giant domes due to ecological devastation, tended to by giant mallee-bots that keep the temperature stable. Come on a journey where the future meets the past and the present, and where hope is ever present. Believe that the future can be whatever we decide to make it and take action towards.

Quorn’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by uncovering the region’s focus on Bush tucker, and revealing a possible future for the region.  A new story about exploring the region is also launched. Quorn has three new exciting feature stories.

Our ‘Self-Drive Self-Fly Adventure’ takes you on a day out with Kev the Kookaburra and Kev Junior, using modern wi-fly technology to explore and discover their insights about the ancient Flinders Ranges.

The ‘Pithi Kawi – Quorn Bush Tucker Trail’ story focuses on the arid lands, gorges and peaks and the evolution of edible, useful and delicious plants of the dry far north to survive in extreme conditions, such as the intriguing Quandong and Ruby Saltbush.

The future sci-fi story reveals the 3175AD ‘Quorn Bush-Foods Cook-Off’ where Talie records a behind the scenes video and interactions with local celebrity chef Razz highlight their different backgrounds.  An exciting street party brings contestants and town residents together to enjoy the great bush food flavours of the Flinders Ranges.

Wallaroo’s Constellation Program brings Science and Art together by uncovering the fascinating story of Copper and its significance to the Copper Coast as well as revealing a possible future for the region.

‘Copper: An Essential Element of Life’: Copper is the third most consumed industrial metal in the world and the Copper Triangle has been pivotal to industrialisation in South Australia.  From humans to shell-fish, copper is essential to life on Earth.  We explore the story of why this remarkable metal has been, and continues to be, such an important part of life in the region, and across the globe.

In ‘Always, Avril’, looking into the future, Avril was born in the turning of the worlds, when seas rose and retreated to alter the face of old and new. Beneath the gentle words of Avril’s future letter, we dive into and out of rock pools that are portals to other worlds and possibilities, see shipwrecks from centuries not yet lived, watch hermit crabs replace their shells with trash and treasure.  We dive and swim and fish and dream with Avril and her world.

Port Pirie’s Constellation Program uncovers the secret depths and hidden glory of the Spencer Gulf and reveals a possible future for the region.

‘Tides of Life’ is an exploration of the unique environments found just beneath the gulf’s waters, home to more abundant species than many other coasts. Dive into one of the most unique marine ecosystems in Australia, and learn how it came to be this way.

In ‘Bridge to Somewhere’ we are flung thousands of years into the future.  Port Pirie has become a tourist hub with a portal to the rest of the galaxy.   As a holiday destination for the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the Milky Way, Port Pirie hosts a myriad of extraordinary activities for the discerning interplanetary traveller, as well as Earth-dwelling creatures.   You’ll be introduced to some of these fascinating future beings during their intergalactic visit.  Come and see what they love about Port Pirie’s rich heritage and fascinating past.

Constellation Stories in Light Trail and the parallel Science Activities Trail is proudly brought to you by illuminart and the District Council of Karoonda East Murray, Regional Council of Port Pirie, Flinders Ranges Council, Copper Coast Council and the Berri Barmera Council with the support of Arts SA and National Science Week.

Full Story Credits and Activities trail details:

Sneak peaks on our Facebook page:

(6 events: We made a 5in1 as well for people who want to do all of the sites!)

Gain a deeper insight into the stories by finding out more about the team of regional creative collaborators.

Learn more about each region by reading about the unique stories in the Constellation trail and seeing how they connect with the science themed activities trail.  Some examples of fascinating features from the Stories in Light Trail and Events Trail include:

  • Karoonda: Malli the mallee fowl asks: Was the historical meteor a message of hope from the future? Why was it such an important event and can A.I. be of assistance?
  • PLUS Join award winning citizen scientist Brian Teakle at his award winning Sandalwood and Quandong farm and eco-habitat!
  • Wallaroo: How is Copper is essential to life on Earth, why does it continue to play a central role in technological advances into the future?  What is Avril’s message from the cosmic rock pools of the future?
  • PLUS Join an historical Copper Processing demonstration at Moonta Mines Museum!
  • Port Pirie: How do different marine creatures use the unique tides of the Spencer Gulf in their daily routines and why is Port Pirie the galaxy’s favourite Portal for future discerning interdisciplinary travellers?
  • PLUS learn about flight and ride in an Iriquois helicopter at the RSL Military Museum!
  • Quorn: Find out how the Flinders Ranges has developed bush food initiatives to tackle climate change and encourage exciting bush-food cook-offs with the local chef Razz and his outsider Tallie the influencer!
  • PLUS Kids make Native Seed Bombs at the Quandong Festival or join Quorn Walking Tours for a fascinating walk exploring Goyder’s Line! 
  • Barmera: Learn about the variety of innovations across the Murray that assist waterflows and revitalise natural habitats in a musical feature that helps the Murray Cod win the relentless battle against the Brotherhood of the Carp.
  • PLUS Molly shows you how to shine the light on environmentalism by making healthy candles!  Create Fish kites and get together with SA Carp Frenzy’s Kym Manning to help create native fish habitats!

Watch illuminart’s work here:

Track the trail of how Constellation has developed conceptually from earlier touring projects such as Port to Port and the award winning Travelling Light.

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