Thursday, 1 March 2012

Confirmation of our place at VIVID!

Just got the news a few days ago that VIVID have accepted Fractured Heart for the Light Sculpture Walk of 2012. This ramps up our development as we now have a deadline to work to, to have it ready for. It will also be a major public showcase of our capabilities in Sydney.

This is an exciting project for us, we are embarking on a new collaboration to develop gestural interactivity within our work. Although we use interactive elements at many stages of projects, this is the first time we have investigated physical / gestural response and it is going to lead to new possibilities for our audiences and artists.

The project involves in-depth development work by Luku Kukuku and Craig Laurendet working closely together to make the augmented sculpture respond to pre-programmed media response with the input of Gotye to develop the music. Other collaborators are supporting the project with staging, technical and electronic work. Budget is tight and we are trying to work out how to get on in Sydney since we will be there for four weeks… costing around $5000 we guess. We also have to rent workshop space (as the sculpture is HUGE and will need testing time) and … find a suitable site for it to be located. Right now VIVID is suggesting the Grotto (under Foundation Park) which might be a bit small… and its outdoors which isn’t ideal.