Monday, 10 July 2017

Christmas in Rockhampton

In 2017, Christmas in Rockhampton will have an entirely different feel with “The Lights of Christmas” Project. The Project which will use the external façade of the Cathedral as a giant canvas, will be the focal point of Christmas lights and community celebraions for Christmas in 2017.

Such projects are seen in some of Australia’s capital cites such as Sydney (St Mary’s Cathedral, Vivid) and Brisbane (City Hall).

The Diocese of Rockhampton have engaged Illuminart, Australia’s leaders in projecton art storytelling. Illuminart have been commissioned by the Diocese to develop a 7-8 minute animated story around Christmas. It will also produce a number of still slides for projection.

The theme of this year’s event is “Joy to the World”. This will be a first for Rockhampton!

Official Gala Opening Night:
Sunday 17th December 7.30pm by Bishop Michael McCarthy

Sunday 17th December untol Saturday 23rd December

Multiple shows each evening with 20 minute rotation from 7.30pm unil 9.30pm