Amy Le Fleur Art Segment

Friday, 1 August 2014

As Night Mural 2014 approaches…

Night Mural 2014 is fast approaching… an exciting event that will transform an iconic building of the Port Adelaide area, just for one night, with artwork and animation! (check out the full details here… )

And for those of you who want to know a bit about what makes such an event possible… here is a story from behind the scenes at illuminart.

Back in June illuminart ran workshops for 10 young people from the Port area…  and all participants came away with a whole swag of new skills which they quickly put to use, and they have been very busy indeed. During July the young artists (aged 15 to 25) spent hours putting together their own unique design for the projection show, which are now in the crafty hands of animators.

Lukas Shaw Art SegmentArtist Lukas Shaw has designed a digital art work titled “midnight”. It was inspired by the realistic oil paintings of Karen Woods and the clean, illustrative style of Justin Kamera. “For this piece I wanted a stark dichotomy that is prominent in Port Adelaide. The gritty, realistic inspiration of the port is offset by the bright unnatural colours, giving the piece an ethereal quality. The idea of dichotomy is present in most pieces of my art, as I believe it is the most interesting way to create something truly new, presenting two conflicting ideas as one coherent piece.” Lukas can be contacted at shaw.luke [at]

EmmaAnother of the artists is Emma Dangerfield, a Year 11 student, whose sketch has been used in the promotional material for Night Mural 2014 – see the above image. She has chosen to do a design of a child’s dollhouse with creatures she imagined lived inside it. She did two different interpretations showing a light versus dark fantasy rather than one image, and used watercolour pencils as her art medium to fully define the detailed aspects of her design. Incorporating the building’s structural features as much as possible, enabled the dollhouse to come to life and appear more realistic.

Amy Le Fleur Art SegmentArtist La Fleur has created something called Ode to Bode. The idea was inspired from a project she had recently been working on incorporating double exposure on an analogue and digital camera, overlaying images of some of her older works and incorporating them with her photography.  “Coming up from the underground Graffiti culture in Adelaide I am captivated by the characters replicated by Vaughn Bode, who was an underground cartoonist and illustrator known for his character Cheech Wizard and voluptuous women. The butterflies used as part of my night mural are an ‘Ode to Bode’.” For her artwork for illuminart she is using several different mediums, including photography, digital art, coloured pencils, and ink.

As the event gets closer Kaz Pedersen has been busy organising the little extras such as a cat catalogue for Night Mural 2014, which is almost complete under the skillful hands of local graphic artist and photographer Danica Gacesa McLean, and the soundscapes are being produced by sound engineer David Erskine and the animation is under way with Luku.

The show will be compered by curator Kaz Pederson with an introduction by Mayor Gary Johanssen and illuminart director Cindi Drennan. The projection is featured in a one hour long show at 6PM and hot food and drink will be available from Wild at Hart market stall vendors.

A special guest at Night Mural 2014 will be homeJames, the digital nomad bus and its technoevangelist operator Fee Plumley. Live video painting by Penny Campton will illuminate the  bus, and is a fun form of light graffiti that members of the audience can try during the event. Kids especially will love this. They will also be able to play at the adventure playground nearby.

Event show time: 6PM-7PM (full animation, speaker introductions)

Event mingle time: 7PM onwards (projection repeats)

Event location: Harts Mill, Mundy Street Port Adelaide

Below are some images from the workshops, which took place at the end of June.