Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Artists’ Windows

Note: this invitation is now closed.

Illuminart have identified up to a dozen windows along Lipson Street where we hope to feature and promote the work of Port Adelaide artists as projection sequences.

Local community artist Kaz Pedersen will be assisting to help local artists collate some of their images for inclusion in these promotional displays. See below for how to get in contact.

The displays will be projection onto windows or canvases, as sequences that include an artist’s name, photo, artists statement and contact info, and a selection of images. These will be displayed as a digital projection on the 8th and 9th of October as part of the Inhabited projection/lightshow event, from dusk until 11pm, in selected building sites along Lipson Street. It is intended to promote the work of local artists and to create an awareness of the number and variety of artists living and working in Port Adelaide. It is not limited to Visual Artists, and would suit any art form that can be captured or promoted in a visual form such as photograph or film.

Step 1: Artists who are interested in being included in the promotions are asked to contact Kaz, and to provide their media in digital form to Kaz or directly to Illuminart. You will be asked to sign a release form permitting the work to be included, and accepting that it will be a public arena where people may take photographs.

Step 2: Send us the files. The media you would be requested to provide for inclusion in the display:

  • your name,
  • how long have you lived or worked in port adelaide (region)
  • what is your art form
  • an artists statement (eg, what is your creative passion, or what do you like about port adelaide, or what inspires you etc) – up to 50 words
  • contact info (eg web address, email address, phone number) for public display
  • a selection of up to 6 images or 45 seconds of video
  • a photograph of you (eg portrait, or photo of you making your art work)

Technical questions? Please use images of a file size larger than 1024 x 768 (at 72dpi) – note that any 2 megapixel camera or higher will be fine! If possible RGB bitmaps, or pdfs will be ok (we prefer jpegs if possible). You can email them to info (at) illuminart.com.au or if you have large files, please zip them up together and email them using www.yousendit.com. Make sure you send them all together with the contact info.

There will be no fee paid or charged for this projection display. The purpose is purely to promote and acknowledge the variety of Port Adelaide artists.

Projection can not display artists work in perfect replication of original formats. We will always do our best to replicate it to the best quality possible within the limitations of the medium (which can be affected by ambient light pollution, surface quality, or other factors beyond our control). In some instances we may not be able to display the artwork as supplied, and it may need to be cropped, moved, adjusted, or not included; we reserve the right to do this without the artists’ permission but the intention is purely to ensure that the image is shown to the best quality within the limitations of the projected medium.

In some cases we may identify images which are of an outstanding quality which we may wish to feature as a special image within our planned large scale architectural projection. We will only do this once we have spoken to the respective artist and obtained their permission. Please see our section on local artists participation in our animation production for more info.

How to contact Kaz, to arrange inclusion in the promotional window displays. Also if you have any technical questions you can contact info (at) illuminart.com.au!

Kaz Pedersen: 0434 876 643 / kousyklaypot (at) hotmail.com