Friday, 7 June 2013

Artists to exhibit in Luminous Art Trail (Part 2)

We would like to introduce you to some more of the artists who are involved in the Luminous Trail to be presented by illuminart and partners during the South Australian Living Arts festival. Today’s introductions include Jasmin McAllister, Neville Cichon, Penny Campton, Lucy Thurley, Nat Rogers, Allison Whyatt and Steve Glass…

NLI Artist Jasmin McAllisterJasmin McAllister is a moving image and textile artist based in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Her background includes dance performance, theatre and film production, and wearable art forms.

“I aspire to create work without conventional containment, so it is free to ooze across walls and window panes, to splash across pools of water or flutter across the palm of someone’s hand. I don’t aim to think outside of the box. I prefer to embrace the idea that the box never existed. Moving Image Art should be free from restraints, unless it’s the artist’s specific desire to confine it.”

NLI Jasmin McAllister beach collector 2

NLI Artist Neville ClichonNeville is an Adelaide based documentary photographer who recently spent two years behind the scenes at the Adelaide Festival Centre, resulting in two solo exhibitions in 2013. Backstage Pass presented in the Adelaide Festival Theatre foyer presented rare insights into the backstage areas of the Festival Theatre and Her Majesty’s Theatre. The Long Live the Maj exhibition for SALA focuses exclusively on Her Majesty’s Theatre that turns 100 this year. This work also featured in House Lights and a commemorative publication. Other documentary solo exhibitions include Peeled at Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant for SALA 2007 and a Festival state at the Austral Hotel for SALA 2006.

NLI Neville Clichin Gala Globes

NLI Artist Penny CamptonMy practice covers painting, curating, ephemeral sculpture, printmaking, installation, film, photography and live animated projections. I have exhibited ephemeral sculpture at Sculpture by the Sea in Darwin (1998), Sydney (1999) and Tasmania (2001). I have been working with Tag tool for four years and have worked on the Launceston Town Hall at the Regional Arts Australia Conference in 2010, various sites at the Darwin Festival in 2011, The Chan Contemporary Art Space in Darwin 2011, Parliament House Darwin 2011, The Darwin  Waterfront 10,11,12 and Browns Mart Theatre 40th Anniversary Celebrations in 2012. I have also done guerilla projections at various sites around Darwin including the local shopping centre walls. I enjoy the ephemeral nature of projecting work this way. I have recently moved from the NT where I lived for thirty years.

NLI Artist Penny Campton2

NLI Artist Lucy ThurleyI have a community arts and studio practice.  I am a painter and drawer. My community arts practice has involved murals, workshops in schools and with a variety of community groups.
I have been making art about the politics of incarceration since 2005.  My current studio practice is exploring ideas around memory, place and the function of institutions. At the time of writing this involves creating interiors and exteriors in which I am placing my memories of family and friends. NLI Untitled (Room) Lucy Thurley

NLI Artist Nat RogersNat Rogers’s life as a news photographer jostling for position in media scrums is a far cry from a sleepy Thai village with chickens and bamboo huts that has inspire her work with ethnicity and culture. In 2011-2012 she traded the news room to volunteer for non-government organisations in northern Thailand photographing ethnic minorities and migrant workers in their struggle to assimilate into modern Thai society. The clash between the two worlds has sharpened Nat’s understanding of cultural history, belonging and place. These new perspectives were taken back to Australia and she began working conceptually to flesh out these ideas. After seven years as an editorial photographer this work is a departure yet a natural transition.

WE CAME BY BOAT is the work Nat is presenting in the Illuminart Luminous Art Trail. The work is inspired by the resilience of migrants in South Australia. The cultural history of South Australia has had many new waves of ethnicity and difference and this is explored in the dancing of Hazara/Afghani women in traditional costume. Nat’s family arrived in Australia from Wales in 1847 at Port Adelaide, which makes her inclusion in this project personal and resonant within her modern life.

NLI Nat Rogers Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.11.52 AM

Picture - AllyHi, My name is Ally and I am one of the members of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group. We are proactive volunteers who give our time to assist with on‐ground activities associated with the delivery of the ADS management plan and the protection of the ADS dolphins. Some of the projects that the ADS Action Group get involved with are Protection of Dolphins, Research projects, Monitoring, Promotion and Education. We also take photos of the dolphins, of course!

NLI Allison Whyatt Dolphins Photo

NLI Artist Steve GlassSince his first Adelaide solo exhibition in 2001, Steve has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions, mounted several solo shows and completed a Visual Arts degree from UniSA, concluding with an honours year. Steve’s research into Synesthesia’s application to abstract painting earned him an invitation to an international academic conference, and he continues to contribute to projects involving the neurological phenomenon.
Since 2007 Steve has also exhibited and painted walls under a pseudonym. Under this name Steve has exhibited only a handful of times, however his murals are quickly becoming more numerous, adding colour to walls in Sydney and Adelaide.

NLI Steve Glass Artwork
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