A wide view of Henty House showing the cascading series of (disused) balconies...

Thursday, 22 April 2010

About Henty House

Henty House – site for our projection art installation for Junction 2010 Art Festival. Here is some of our background research into the building as a form of built heritage.

Built: 1983 for Tasmanian State Government
Architect: Peter Partridge.

Named for the Henty family who emigrated from Sussex to Launceston in the early 1830s.
The State Government sold it in 2006 and have leased back over the last 10 years. The building is leased from STRADA through Edwards Windsor Real Estate.

It is currently used as State Government department offices (5 floors) and other tenants, including:

  • Primary Industries and Water
  • Health and Human Services
  • Environment, Parks Heritage and the Arts
  • Justice
  • Treasury
  • Infrastructure Energy and Resources
  • Police and Emergency Management
  • Parliament, MP electoral offices
  • Audit Office
  • Workplace Standards
  • Service Tas (drivers licence, rego, traffic fines etc)
    (open 8.30am-5pm, occupies ground floor closest to square)

Here are some photos. Hopefully you get an idea of how they fit together: our primary audience view is front on from Civic square (site of Junction 2010 festival hub), not front entrance of building around the corner.