Architectural projection: Large scale projection by illuminart

Architectural projection and building projection by Illuminart combines animated projection and advanced projection design techniques.We design and create exemplary projection art shows and events around Australia, captivating the growing audience for projection art in Australia with meaningful and exciting work of the highest artistic calibre.

Architectural projection and building projection are techniques for the transformation of buildings and structures in public space, using lighting, sound and high-powered image projection. Architectural projection (also known as architectural building projection, or architectural projection mapping) is a form of audiovisual spectacle that involves matching the projected imagery to the precise form and architectural features of the building, whereas building projection simply uses the building as a canvas without the complex mapping and transformation.

The art form developed from Son et Lumiere (sound and light show), a method of combining imagery, sound scapes, narration, music, and lighting effects onto architecture as a form of public spectacle, sometimes interweaving live performance.

Modern video projection technology has made the process more cost effective and with capabilities of animation, building transformation and other special effects from lighting art through to temporal illusions. As a result, the techniques are being used increasingly around the world for entertainment, advertising, viral marketing, and cultural events in ways that are quite diverse.

Architectural projection involves applications of multiple disciplines and technologies (lighting, animation, architecture, audiovisual communication, public art and events design), developed via a design process that is customised for each building and event.

Illuminart’s projects are led by South Australian multimedia artist Cindi Drennan and a team of peers and suppliers who together design and create a small and exclusive set of  significant architectural projection events each year.