Thursday, 26 September 2019

Yabarra – Gathering of Light wins two National Awards

Yabarra – Gathering of Light was a new event developed by the Adelaide Fringe, as its signature event for 2019, and was presented over 31 nights on the banks of the KarraWirra Parri (River Torrens). Over 300,000 attended the nightly installation, transported into a space of new awareness of the cultural significance of the river and deepening their connection and awareness to First Nation presence and heritage.

Illuminart are thrilled that the project has received national recognition through the awards of ‘Showtex Australia Best Achievement in Design, Look or Theming’ and ‘Aggreko Best New Event’ at the 2019 Australian Event Awards.

Judges’ comments included:

Congratulations on the delivery of an inaugural event that was ‘an important building block for future events of this nature in South Australia’.

A great use of space to tell a great story. The event seemed to surprise a lot of people, which is always nice for event organisers. The creative direction and commitment was solid. A great addition to the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

It’s difficult to select any one or multiple areas of excellence, as the design was breathtaking across every area. The heart and soul behind your program translated perfectly into the design, and the vast outdoor space you worked in was magical. Your supporting imagery and videos captured this perfectly. Further, the language in your submission was genuine and clear. Other city lighting and sculptural installations like Vivid and White Night could do well to find the soul that you have in abundance.

The enormity of the task in bringing such a complex design concept to life over 31 days is to be applauded. No doubt the highlight of one of Australia’s leading festivals. No just any light show – the connection to place and the storytelling was outstanding.

A magnificent event not only encompassing technological brilliance and high entertainment value but also focussed on the importance of educating the community about First Nation people’s culture. The event is also a credit given the difficulties in staging it in that location.

What a wonderful event, you should all be congratulated. An event of cultural signifiance, underpinned by the event expertise of the Fringe team, a great blend that achieved excellent outcomes.

The project brought together Karl Telfer (cultural producer and director of Yellaka), Cindi Drennan and the illuminart team in a collaboration with Fringe producers and production staff, supported by Novatech and Epson Australia.  The awards were accepted by Heather Croall, director of the Adelaide Fringe, on behalf of the collaborators.

Illuminart team and collaborators involved in the creative production include: Cindi Drennan, Craig Laurendet, Andy Petrusevics, Zero, Verity Brookes, Andy McIntyre, Vent Thomas, Evelyn Roth, Stu Nankivell, Care Vaughan, Seana O’Brien, Chris Gaston, Dan Taylor, Sam Chamberlain, Marty Wells, Daniel Carney, Juniper Vandende, Lee Shields, Tony Rosella. Supporting businesses included Mosaic AV, Gobotech, AESS, Premier Art Supplies.

The team gathered together at Karra Wirra Parri (Torrens River) to celebrate the accomplishment. Fantastic photos by Jack Fenby.


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Heather Croall, Director and CEO of Adelaide Fringe Festival, collects two awards for Yabarra | Photo: EventPix