Thursday, 18 June 2020

Special Offer to Light your winter! Projector and Installation Offer

A special Offer for Winter 2020!
(must be booked by end of June, for dates during Winter 2020):

Small Building or Venue (1 x 12K projector and equipment) 
    • 1 night pop up $4,363 + GST
    • 1 week installation $7,513 + GST
Medium sized Building (2 x 12K projectors and equipment) 
    • 1 night pop up $5,213 + GST
    • 1 week installation $10,913 + GST
Big building (3 x 12K projectors and equipment)
    • 1 night pop up $6,063 + GST
    • 1 week installation $14,313 + GST


Who this is ideal for:

  • Anyone who needs an effective way to activate a place and encourage people back after lockdown
  • Groups who want to make a mini light festival in their street or town
  • Artists and groups, regional groups, council event managers and cultural projects – who have had to delay art projects due to COVID19 lockdown and are now ready to share your work with your community
  • Theatre groups and community events who need to be able to display their performance on a large scale (to allow your audience to be spread further apart)
  • Community groups who would like to organise their own “drive in” or large event, and be sure that everyone will be able to see it without being jam packed
  • People who want to make a splash for their business re-opening, or make a big statement

What we include in this offer:

  • 12000 lumen Projector(s) hire for the specified period
  • A media player for the specified period
  • Two hours free support to help you plan your projection and tick the important boxes
  • A technical team member who will travel, instal it for you and get your projection operational, and then return to de-install it at the end.
  • Option of basic content help or stock from our library
  • Notes about the projectors – each 12K projector is suitable for projection of at least 10m x 6m areas, which is perfect for theatre backdrops, medium sized buildings and open air spaces. Multiple projectors together will cover larger areas. We will help you decide what’s best, if you aren’t sure.

Some things you will have to consider, to make it work in a tight budget:

  • If you want to do an outdoor projection, choose a site where the projector will be inside and secure, pointing through a window on to the building – thus avoiding costs of weatherproofing and security.
  • If you want to do an automated projection, you will still need to have someone come to check it and make sure its all working (because… power failures or murphy’s law, you just have to account for all those things!)
  • If it is going to be part of a performance project, and you want to get the projector “flown” you will need to organise a licensed rigger for the installation.
  • Its ideal if you are providing all your own content (photos, video etc). Our offer can include a very basic level of content if you would like us to provide illuminart stock content based around themes, or if you need a little help to prepare your media.
  • Power or other factors all need to be considered, and we can assist you to plan it out to minimise other costs, that’s covered in our 2 free hours of planning support.

Booking in:

When you are ready to make it happen, get in touch and tell us you want the Winter 2020 Discount. illuminart want to encourage all our communities to be able to gather SAFELY during this time of health concerns and we will be helping as many groups as possible, to be able to offer events that allow for people to gather while still keeping that safe distance.

If you have an idea but need some coaching or training to help you “make it happen” talk to us about our mentorship plans!


Conditions of Offer:

  • Must be within approximately 2 hours drive from Katoomba NSW:
    • Sydney region
    • Penrith
    • Parramatta
    • Wollongong
    • Lithgow
    • Bathurst
    • Central Coast
    • This offer is open to regions further away but we will have to add surcharge for transport and potentially, accommodation. We will do our absolute best to make this offer acessible beyond the stated zone, including interstate.
  • Has to be booked by the end of June 2020 and delivered during Winter 2020
  • The prices are dependant on the projector being housed inside in a secure and weather proof location.
  • It includes all equipment needed for a projection installation and illuminart will deliver, install and then deinstall. But you have to manage it during the installation (we do not provide an operator)
  • You have to take all responsibility for event management, promotion, permits etc
  • We reserve the right to say no (eg if we think your idea is a risk to the public or to the equipment) and will hold you liable for damage to equipment if you’ve been negligent in responsibility