Close up of mangroves local to Port Pirie in South Australia

Thursday, 20 July 2023

Mangrove Insights

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Over 80% Mangroves grow in the tropics of Australia’s north, but South Australia has its own unique cluster of tidal estuaries and salty mud flats where dense Mangrove forests grow.

While the early South Australian settlers may have been disgusted, crossing the muddy Port of Adelaide, to the point they named it ‘Port Misery’ for its flies and odours, today Mangroves are recognised for lush biodiversity, bird habitats and fish hatcheries.

Mangroves as tidal, muddy, impassable places are difficult for humans to reach and become the spaces between more desirable beachy recreation or practical farmland, and they may therefore be less appreciated and considered ugly. Is this view being passed on to the next generation?

The Salty Forest project seeks to explore the rich biodiversity of the Mangroves of the South Australian gulf and to help both residents, and tourists, learn the beauty within the oozy squelchy mud and wild textures of the salty forest universe.

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