Saturday, 20 April 2024

Crossing the floods to Cunnamulla!

Over the last few days all of us joked about finding Cindi a helicopter to get to Cunnamulla, Paroo!

We are glad to say that in the end she was able to drive the whole way there from the Blue Mountains, with a large vehicle to do the pickups of everything needed back in NSW.

The road just south of Cunnamulla was still cut by floodwater at that point so it was a wing and a prayer that it would go down by the time Cindi headed through and a many roads were still cut in Queensland.

As the floodwater receded, it revealed a brown, silty sludge over the ground. The intended projector installation points were also underwater! Lots of phone calls and rearranged timetables with Paroo Shire Council and we decided to implemented Plan B.

The holomaze however, was definitely going up in the parkland as intended! While Marty and Simon continued to tweak the scrim Cindi chimed in with some timely animations that brilliantly banged out onto the white forms of the maze as kids frolicked in the glow.

The music played steadily on the adjoining stage, the wood fired pizzas enticed everyone with their fragrant aroma as the dancers moved in rhythms in the flickering light.

Everybody seemed to have a great time as the opening night of The Outback River Lights wound into the night, ready for night two!

As for the planned River Lights show finale, Plan B is a great architectural alternative nearby and the show will go on!

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