Thursday, 19 March 2020

Creativity in a time of Change: sending a message of support and hope

Illuminart are sending out our love and respect to our collegues and to all the people who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are feeling for all of our friends in the Arts and Events industries who have lost gigs, employment and a sense of security.

Illuminart have had some events cancelled and postponed, and we are disappointed for the organisers and all the audiences who are now missing out.

The crisis hasn’t changed how we work; The new normal (working from home, teleconferencing) is how we work already. We run our projects using remote collaboration tools to work with clients, artists, stake holders, community groups and individuals across Australia.

Collaborative digital arts projects can be a great way to continue the creative exchange and also share stories that are happening in isolated homes. Projection can offer a way to involve communities without having mass gatherings – the projections can enliven the empty streets and people can see the projections while not being close to each other.

We would love to support people and communities through this transition and share our knowledge and skills to help make it easier for everyone.

Practical things for our creative network, as the economy is impacted, we will do our best to help with sharing opportunities with fellow creatives and community members, and support projects with equipment sponsorship and knowledge support wherever we can.

illuminart would like to add our wishes for strength and wellbeing to everyone during this time as a huge change is emerging in 2020. We believe the change has the potential to be transformative, positive and powerful and we hope to see Australia emerge from this with stronger communities and more prolific creation and appreciation of art and culture.


The picture featured here was composited from photos taken by nEverest Photography and features an illustration by Three Pronged Widget from during the Cape Jervis stop of the Travelling Light tour (supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and many partners). Thank you.