Filming Green Screen

Monday, 9 March 2015

Behind the scenes of the Violet Verses project

In the creation of Violet Verses, the illuminart team are working closely with History SA and historians with knowledge of the Cheer Up Hut Society and the Violet Day fundraiser. The stories in light to be projected at the Torrens Parade Ground, will shine a light on what life was like for South Australians 100 years ago on the streets of Adelaide, during the First World War. These will be expressed through an artists eye, combining poetry and song of the day with re-enactments and animation.

One of the stories is drawn from newspaper articles of the day, about a young man Adolphe Bienke, who heard about the war and charged off by camel, truck and train to get to Adelaide to enlist. Along the way he adopted a Joey to be the mascot to the troops, but when he arrived he was turned away due to an eyesight problem.

The photographs in the gallery below capture some of the moments on set during the green screen shoot, including some precious moments with a joey provided for us by Minton Farm animal rescue. The Joey and the farm helpers were an absolute delight.