Thursday, 28 June 2018

illuminart joins Epson Projection Ambassador program

Illuminart Australia are excited to announce our participation in the Epson Projector Ambassador Program.

This is an amazing development for us, as we have already been using Epson projectors and are enthusiastic advocates for them in both permanent and temporary projections.  Although we love to keep some ‘trade secrets’ up our sleeve, we have proven that these projectors are an extremely usable and useful tools not only for us, but for the communities and organisations we work with.

The invitation to be part of Epson’s Projector Ambassador program is going to open up new opportunities for both Epson and illuminart and we are hoping that there will be many chances to explore the technology and its potential together.

Among our aspirations include opportunities to advance the general knowledge in communities and artists, about new ways to use projection technology for creativity and cultural expression, and to create more installations in regional communities to support cultural tourism.

Our very first chance to collaborate with Epson will see us exploring the potential of quite a different projector, the LightScene, which we will be helping Epson to showcase at Integrate 2018. We look forward to sharing some photos and video of the installation in a couple of months.

Here’s a few projects that we’ve already shown how the Epson projectors shine for us!