Project Summary

The South Australian Maritime Museum’s exhibition Living in the Port is about the people, places and events that have shaped Port Adelaide’s identity.

Illuminart has created two interactive displays for the exhibition. The first is a compilation of stories about Port Adelaide through the eyes of the local Aboriginal community. The themes and ideas have been developed in consultation with Aboriginal residents of the area, supported by elders, Taoundi College and the Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

The second display features an interactive map showing the location and era of historic artefacts with a time machine navigation.

Each of these interactive displays has been designed and built with an international audience in mind, with a strong expression of and  relationship with the community of Port Adelaide. It was launched in mid 2014.

Other Info

Reference: Pathways and Protocols: A film makers guide to working with Indigenous People culture and concepts by Screen Australia.

Project Team

  • Cindi Drennan, Project Leader / Community Liaison
  • Samantha Yates, Kaurna Consultation Support
  • Klynton Wanganeen, Kaurna Consultation Support
  • Emily Jateff , SA Maritime Museum Curator
  • Adam Paterson, SA Maritime Museum Curator
  • Lindl Lawton, SA Maritime Museum Senior Curator
  • Luku Kukuku, Interactive Media Developer
  • Craig Laurendet, Installation Support
  • Steve Tilling, Installation Support
  • Zero, Editing
  • Brandon Chee, Interactive Programmer