Project Summary

Fringe 2017 will present two projections created by illuminart and collaborators over three nights at the opening of Adelaide Fringe:

Lumifonica (Interactive Projection and Music)

Lumifonica_logo_squareThe Elder hall facade will be filled with animated light and music, through ingenious interactivity as a playful, young, bold and curious audience take their turn to control the building and become virtuosos of light and sound. This free nightly event combines colourful projection mapping with custom made audiovisual synthesis, so that the architecture can be played like a musical instrument drawn from far fetched imagination. Watch as the bravest in the crowd step up to create their own piece of music and visual art animating the building with moving, grooving architectural projection. Meet the illuminarty, who will show you how to play the magical machinery and help you take a turn to play in the synaesthetic symphony. Be bold and play alone, or pull in a friend to help you light up the night with a sonic, phonic, chronic luminous duet.

HOW IT WORKS: Lumifonica provides the public with a keyboard, that triggers audiovisual notes (both sound and image together) over the top of a background animation. The keyboard layout offers two people the chance to play together.

WHAT IF I CAN’T PLAY MUSIC? It’s fine! All of the keyboard notes trigger sounds and samples that are quantised and harmonised with the background track. You’ll be jamming along and discovering what sounds you love most as you play (and what surprising animations pop up to accompany them)

HOW IS THIS MADE? The combined skills of a group of creative technologists, plus lots of quirky solutions. A projection like this is not something that arrives in a box so its part invention, part madness and part luck. Come and give it a burl!

WHAT ARE THE MUSIC AND IMAGES ABOUT? illuminart in consultation with the Adelaide University have developed three ‘tracks’. BEACH is to reflect just how much Adelaide appreciates the cool water at the end of a hot day; ELDER is inspired by the quirky tale of Thomas Elder, pioneer and grazier whose bequeath helped to establish the Conservatorium; and ENDANGERED is inspired by the Adelaide University’s academic research into endangered species – helping to protect and preserve wildlife. See if you can pick which one is which. All three songs are followed by theme music for Adelaide University ‘Seek Light’.

Tangkuinyendi Yabarra (Dreaming Light)

Dreaming Light 17This reprise of the cultural and artistic collaboration between Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer / Yelleka and illuminart, will light up the western side of the Museum forecourt with animations derived from traditional and contemporary ritual, echoing the performance of the Sunset Ceremony Tindo Utpurndee. Find out more about the Tangkuinyendi Yabarra collaboration here.

Tangkuinyendi Yabarra is a special illuminating story that links ancient and the modern storytelling, and shares the very symbolic rituals and knowledge that the cultural caretakers have handed down to generations of custodians.


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Project Team

  • Dearna Newchurch (Fringe), Producer
  • Cindi Drennan, Projection Artist
  • Karl Telfer, Cultural Producer
  • Craig Williams (Mosaic AV), Technical Director
  • Luku Kukuku, Graphic Design
  • Craig Laurendet, Projection Mapping
  • Tom James, Music
  • Stu Nankivell, Animator
  • Andy Petrusevics, Animator
  • Zero, Interface Design