Cindi Drennan

Position: Founding Director / Projection Guru / Storyteller

Cindi Drennan is an Australian multimedia artist and artistic director specialising in projection art. Cindi is the founder and director of illuminart, bringing a wealth of experience, passion and leadership to the projects.

Craig Laurendet

Position: Projection Specialist / Sculptor

Craig's specialist support of illuminart projects entails architectural modelling, programming and projection mapping for interactive and 3D projection projects. Craig is a project manager and also designs and creates installations and projection sculptures.

Verity Brookes

Position: Creative Producer

Verity Brookes is a creative producer who works with artists and communities to create quality artistic outcomes that achieve positive social change. Verity supports illuminart's regional NSW, regional SA and Western Sydney projects with advocacy and grant application development.

David Ryan

Position: Creative Producer

In my work I support illuminart to develop new projects in Western Sydney and regional NSW, drawing on my background in cultural projects, education and film making.

Samantha Ray

Position: Engagement / Soundscapes

Samantha Ray works with illuminart as a Creative Producer and Community Engagement Coordinator, assisting with project development in regional communities and Perth.

Andy Petrusevics

Position: Animator / Storyteller

Andy Petrusevics is a contemporary visual artist who works across all media forms. Andy's role on illuminart projects includes Artistic direction and animation, script development and mentoring.

Luku Kukuku

Position: Animator / Artist

Luku Kukuku is a multimedia arts mercenary guerilla - trained in Design, Animation, Illustration, Digital Media and Sound Responsive Multimedia, and has used this palette of skills to create an expanding and award winning career in the South Australian Arts industry.


Position: Animator / Videographer

Luke "Zero" Shaw is a trainee digital media artist supporting the core team. Zero's recent projects have included Town Hall projections at Anzac Albany, ambient projections at Unley Gourmet Gala, and supporting training projects in the Barossa.

Trevor Collict

Position: Interactive Electronics

Trevor has a hand in electronics design for illuminart's interactive media projects and R&D, and worked on Fractured Heart for its the ARIA’s (2012) debut, Vivid Festival (2012) and NFSA (2013).