The many gifts of Lobethal

Nov 11, 2009

Lobethal is one of the secret yet beautiful hidden treasures of the Adelaide Hills, and the Lights of Lobethal is a very special time of year, when the local community turn it into an illuminated paradise for visitors to enjoy and celebrate Christmas time.

The event is created through community participation… with hundreds of homes being lit up by local businesses and families as a community gift to visitors from everywhere. It has been running for 70 years. The illumination of family homes across the Lobethal valley is more than a spectacular sight. It brings people together from near and far, to see what an amazing event is possible when a town and community work together.


Let’s Deck the Hall in Lobethal

Oct 10, 2009

Posted by Projection Artist, Cindi Drennan

When you come to Lobethal, you’ll see that the town is nestled in a deep little valley, and from the hill you see mostly single floor dwellings, a landscape dominated by roofs, and lovely green trees. When the Lights of Lobethal invited me to come and create a new projection show, I knew it would be fun looking around town to find the best site, but also a bit challenging as the buildings are not five story monsters with loads of projection area. The buildings are small, human scale, leading to a new creative challenge, to make a smaller scale  projection art show. But which building is the right one to choose?


Queens Theatre

Mar 3, 2008

The Queen’s Theatre is a place of national, state and local heritage significance and its colourful and chequered history is a rich source of tales with which we will weave a story that takes a full circle from its beginnings as the first purpose-built theatre on mainland Australia in 1841 to the present, 168 years later, when we tell the story of the grand old dame herself in a new theatre piece.



Hopes Passion (Background 2008)

Mar 3, 2008

Voluminis (working title) will be a collaborative project involving voice, performance, film and synchronised image projection art.

Adelaide Vocal Project, under the musical direction of Timothy Sexton, will work with Director Andy Packer and Projection Artist, Cindi Drennan, whose work involves using video and projection technologies to project imagery mapped onto architectural forms in public spaces—a synthesis of form and the illusion that light creates within that form.

Together we will research the rich and colourful history, as well as the spacial properties (dimension, acoustic and light) of the Queens Theatre, and the resulting performance will tell tale of the Old Dame through integrated site-specific projections, vocal performance and an exploration of different uses of the space.  The work will be performed twice, once in April/May 2009 with a possible second season during the 2010 Adelaide Fringe.


Photo courtesy of Roxby Downs Sun Newspaper

Roxby Downs Multimedia Workshop

Oct 10, 2007

Roxby Downs High School hosted regionally based artist Cindi Drennan of illuminart to bring digital media and projection techniques to Roxby Downs over a three day period. The dozen year 9 and 10 students gained hands on skills in a fast collaborative project to video tape interviews and scenes, set up special effects, and present the completed work to a small audience and to a large assembly of students. The skills the students gained included multi-cam operation,  video mixer operation, sound and image editing, video recording, and data projector operation.

While in Roxby Downs Cindi also supported the Andamooka Primary School’s 60th anniversary, with video projection at the community dinner.