Fractured Heart Interactive (photo by Naomi Lamb)

Counting the days!

Apr 4, 2012

Well, today we pushed the go button on the big presentation in Sydney. What this involves for us, is four of us are going to live in Sydney for four weeks so we can work together on the final stages of the project. We’ll be setting up the sculpture at Salmagundi studios and living somewhere nearby.

One of the big problems we have had is that we could not find any cheap options for artists billets. We didn’t get any responses to that so we have been investigating serviced apartments and accomodation rentals in the area which has been time consuming, and fruitless. So today, finally, after some days of emails, we booked the accomodation for the four of us via airbnb. Whew… found it… with only a week to spare til we converge on the big city.

Project: Fractured Heart Interactive.

Cindi Drennan Bio 2013

Apr 4, 2012


  • Director / Team leader for projection based projects including architectural projection, projection sculpture, audiovisual and digital arts for theatre and arts events
  • Consultancy services, working with councils, festivals and communities to provide Projection Design services.
  • Producing Illuminart-owned shows (Wish, Jive In Theatre, Promise)
  • Lectures and Multimedia workshops for event managers, VJs and visual artists

Cindi Drennan is an Australian multimedia artist / director, specialising in projection art for public art and events.

Her work focuses on projection and audiovisual arts for architecture, public spaces, performance and theatre. Her multi-disciplinary background encompasses over 25 years experience in filmmaking, illustration, animation, community arts & interactive media.

Her creative leadership roles have included Tesseract Research Laboratories 1997-2004, The Electric Canvas 2004-2006, and currently Illuminart, a South Australian arts company that integrates community consultation and engagement within high quality projection arts, architectural projection and audiovisual storytelling.

Recent projects directed by Cindi include Port Inhabited for Port Festival 2011, The Ribbon for the Regional Centre of Culture program in Murray Bridge SA 2010, and Landed for the National Regional Arts Conference in Launceston, 2010.

Steampunk Arm by Craig Laurendet

Apr 4, 2012

“Professor Peabodys Curious Contrivance” is a steampunk Arm by Craig Laurendet, worn at Lithgow Ironfest in 2012 and a number of other events. It was winner of a Blue Mountains City Council Waste to Art Award in 2010.


Fractured Heart Interactive – Credits

Apr 4, 2012

The credits so far (being updated as we go along)

  • Animation and Programming: Luku Kukuku
  • Sculpture design and Programming: Craig Laurendet
  • Technical Liaison: Cindi Drennan
  • Music performance design: Wally de Backer (Gotye)
  • Quartz Programming Consultant: Alexander Mitchell
  • Interactive Lighting: Trevor Collict
  • Site dressing: Jax Kinred
  • Other support: Nic Fenton, Andrea Finno, Joe Keogh
  • Volunteer Invigilators: Trevor Collict, Jax Kinred, Sally Dare, Ant Rivers
  • Venue management: Australian Theatre for Young People, Simmer on the Bay

For more info:

Dance Dance Revolution!

Apr 4, 2012

Can you dance to projection onto a building? Yes! We have created three segments that you can learn to dance or interpret in your own way, when you come to see the projection show onto the walls of Norwood Concert Hall on 22,24-26 May. This first one is based on modern dance and games like intensity… We’ll send the next two through soon…


VIVID locations

Apr 4, 2012

Rightoh, an interesting challenge that’s frustrating our project team a bit. We STILL don’t have a location for the presentation of Fractured Heart.  We need somewhere sheltered, pref indoors, with low ambient light and sounds, with a footprint area of 8x8x4 – (huge) – although we could jig it to be smaller with some clever overlapping (eg 6x6x4). Larger space is better to assist crowd flow through.


Thanks from JACK IN

Apr 4, 2012

Thank you to everyone at AC Arts for your assistance during the prep, set up, and running of JACK IN.

We have extra special thanks to Paul Pearce, for your generous assistance in allowing us to use the workshop for building (and fixing) elements of the JACK IN booth, to Casey and your students for letting us use the design room on various occasions as a bit of a base and storage spot, Nicole and Janice for those odd requests for printing and “stuff”, Dush and Chris for ladders, sausage sandwiches, and late night security, and to everyone who spread the word to students and to people further afield. BIG thanks to our JACK IN crew, we loved working with you and look forward to the next time!

the Resolume interface

Workshops during JACK IN

Apr 4, 2012

Over the three weeks that Jack in ran, there were a number of workshops held by invited guest artists and the illuminart team. The focus was on providing extra-curricular training to AC Arts participants who were working as Jack in crew, and networking them with potential collaborators outside of the college.