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Photos of Stepping into the Light

May 5, 2012

Stepping into the Light launched on Tuesday 22nd May with a special opening night on George Street, Norwood. Project participants, dignitaries and residents enjoyed a clear sky, good coffee and the first night of the show.

These great photos of the opening night are from Michael Haines, Kevin Killey Photographics. Stepping into the Light is now over, thank you to everyone who attended or was involved.  (more…)

Thank you to our Cheeky musicians!

May 5, 2012

Thank you to the following musicians for being part of Stepping into the Light: Quintan Dunne, Kelly Breuer, Peter Tuske, Petra Szabo, Kaven Dedman, Avalanche (Ivan Rehorek), Nick de Rohan!

These musicians have been invited to be part of this final, zany and cheeky contribution to Stepping into the Light (which is a large scale animated projection onto eastern wall of the Norwood Town Hall Building).


Dance Dance Revolution!

Apr 4, 2012

Can you dance to projection onto a building? Yes! We have created three segments that you can learn to dance or interpret in your own way, when you come to see the projection show onto the walls of Norwood Concert Hall on 22,24-26 May. This first one is based on modern dance and games like intensity… We’ll send the next two through soon…


Meet our mentees

Mar 3, 2012
Daniella Caruso (left) and Annie Rudduck (right)

Daniella Caruso (L) and Annie Rudduck (R)

Arts SA has part-funded the Stepping into the Light project to encourage and facilitate Illuminart to develop the multidisciplinary skills involved in creation of architectural projection art. We are working with a number of artists from other disciplines throughout this project, but the two mentees who were specially selected for formal participation were two emerging South Australian illustrators, Annie Rudduck and Daniella Caruso. Both young artists have been involved in the background production to develop an understanding of the process and the concepts of the overall project and will be creating a series of illustrations, that will be animated into the show.