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Luminous Hall Cinema Cut

Dec 12, 2013

Luminous Hall is an architectural projection narrative of the form illuminart call Architectural Storytelling, as it combines the techniques of mapped projection with a significant, relevant narrative depicting the heritage of the building and local community. Moving beyond son et lumier, the form uses methods of community engagement to draw out personal stories as well as official histories. (more…)

Luminous Night on Perth Festival TV

Feb 2, 2013

Perth Festival TV covers Luminous Hall by illuminart in a story about Luminous Night, University of Western Australia’s major centenary celebration, with background about the event by director Cindi Drennan and Cultural Precinct Director Ted Snell. This youtube video also includes a gorgeous segment of the peacock animated by Luku Kukuku and Al Ferguson, featuring music by Trilby Temperley. (more…)

Peacock on Winthrop Hall at UWA

Luminous Hall on YouTube

Feb 2, 2013

An unedited wide shot of illuminart’s “Luminous Hall” University of Western Australia projection show. This coverage is of the media preview two nights before the show. Videography by Carlo Burelli (Timeline Productions) and team. (more…)

Show details for LUMINOUS HALL

Feb 2, 2013

To commemorate a Luminous Centenary… join us at Winthrop Hall this Friday evening 8th of Feb. Luminous Hall is part of a full program of amazing luminous events and performances for one night only, and features music, animation and stories interpreting University of Western Australia’s proud centenary. (more…)

First test image on Winthrop Hall

Western Australian team members

Feb 2, 2013

Illuminart specialise in projection art and work in many different locations to create work, and its part of our mission to work with local artists in each place we work. So now … are you wondering who has been part of the Luminous Hall production, from WA?

Indeed, the Western Australian participation in Luminous Hall has been extensive… from visual arts, to audio, to performance and research. For most of the team this has been their first opportunity to work on large scale projection art – a big learning curve and exciting opportunity to bring Winthrop Hall to glorious life on Friday the 8th February 2013.


Trident House, Lipson Street during Port Inhabited. Photo by History SA

Photography tips for projection art

Feb 2, 2013

If your’re planning to take photos of architectural projection these are some helpful tips to get the best result.

Firstly, don’t use a flash if at all possible!

The light from a flash can wash out the light from the projection, and disturbs the viewing pleasure of others in the audience. (more…)

Line up and Test projections at Winthrop Hall

Feb 2, 2013
The majestic Winthrop Hall is the centrepiece of the University of Western Australia. The line up image is reflected back into the historic reflection pool.

The majestic Winthrop Hall is the centrepiece of the University of Western Australia. The line up image is reflected back into the historic reflection pool.

Olin and Drew from Technical Direction Company arrived Monday morning and had the projectors installed by nightfall, and from there the building began to come alive as they lined up every part of the building with the architectural projection template illuminart had worked to.

Although the images were gobstoppingly bright and bold – causing pedestrians to come past to hang about and take pictures – they really are just for alignment purposes. It’s a great start to the week to see the building covered with 14,700,000 pixels of colour and light. (more…)

LuminousHall Sponsor and Supporter logos

UWA Credits roll

Feb 2, 2013

Many people have been involved in and contributed to the projection show “Luminous Hall” – a commemorative architectural storytelling projection for the centenary of University of Western Australia. These credits acknowledge the significant contributors to the project, including many Western Australians.

Projection Art / Architectural Storytelling: Illuminart

Projector Equipment / installation / Sponsorship: Technical Direction Company (more…)

Transformation and Old photos

Jan 1, 2013

Through Luminous Hall we’ve been using a large number of historic photographs, many sourced directly from the UWA Archives. Cindi Drennan visited UWA a few times in 2012 and was assisted to investigate the university’s heritage, leading to selection of many interesting photographs that reveal fascinating perspectives of not only the University, but of Western Australia itself.

To bring these stories to life, the photographs have been effected and animated to find a balance between audiovisual story and architectural projection experience. Often the photographs are used in a way to underline a graphic treatment on the building, and at other times used in solo, to underline the historic moment depicted in the photograph. In other sections the photographs or stories provide inspiration for a graphical treatment. (more…)